3E System

Engineered and developed in Poland, 3E System comprises of low-production-cost set of self-interlocking perlite blocks, which can be dry-stacked with no mortar or water. The System makes it possible to build in all weather conditions and in all climate zones, which greatly increases the speed of construction, and consequently helps minimise the overall cost of an investment. The technology renders both the construction process and exploitation of a building economical. 3E walls do not require any extra thermal insulation, simultaneously retaining all the parameters of an energy-efficient house (R Value 25).


In September 2012 The Building Research Institute proclaimed 3E System meets the criteria for an innovative product. 3E System is protected by the Polish and international patents (US, EU, Middle East). Since January 2016 the patent protection also applies throughout Asia.



Why is 3E System eco-friendly?
3E elements are 100% organic as perlite is a naturally occurring mineral. Thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties, perlite blocks eliminate the need to use materials that are not subject to recycling processes, such as mineral wool or polystyrene.


What are the 3E elements made of?
100% organic and nontoxic perlite is the main component of 3E System elements. Therefore it is second most natural building material next to timber. Perlite has a plurality of pores and air bubbles, which makes it fantastic acoustic and thermal insulator. One does not hear the outside noise and high thermal resistance (R Value = 25) translates into significant heating energy savings. Additionally, perlite is a light, fire-resistant and antiallergenic (neutral pH) material, which means a friendly living environment and a properly ventilated healthy home for your kids to grow-up in.


What is the durability of buildings constructed with 3E System?
Perlite has occurred naturally in its unchanged form of an amorphous volcanic rock for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s longevity properties is what guarantees 3E System walls an unlimited lifespan without mechanical interference.


Can 3E elements be recycled or reused?
Yes, 3E System is completely recyclable, the elements are environmentally friendly both in their composition and production process. 


How to construct a house with 3E System?
Building a house with 3E system is very easy as the construction method eliminates the need water use. Self-interlocking elements are dry-stacked without any kind of adhesive. All the elements including ceilings and flat roofs are prefabricated. The System is modular, which significantly reduces construction time and translates directly into lower costs of the investment. 


Can any project be built with 3E System?
Yes, every project can be adapted to the System, provided the module dimensions are maintained: 27,5 in (full length) and 13,7 in (half-length).


What kind of foundation does the System require?
One needs a traditional foundation to build with 3E System although sill plate is recommended.


To what height can you erect a building with 3E System without the need for supporting structures?
According to the technical approval issued for 3E System elements, the acceptable number of floors is 2.5 (approx.39FT)


How is the roof constructed?
The System allows the use of a traditional roof truss.


How are the windows and doors installed?
Windows and doors installation is traditional - with the use of styrofoam insulating nib.


Can you drill and make grooves in 3E walls?
Yes, in this respect, 3E blocks are fully comparable to traditional building materials.


Do I need extra thermal insulation?
No, thanks to excellent thermal insulation properties of perlite, 3E buildings do not require any extra insulation.


How much does a 3E house cost?
The cost depends on the size of the house and its floor plan. No extra insulation, no need for heavy equipment and easy assembly greatly decrease the number of man-hours of a construction crew, which in turn contribute to a lower overall cost.

How long does it take to complete a house in shell condition?
The walls take about 3.5 h to complete, the whole house takes two days. Short duration of the entire construction task is another saving.


Why is 3E house energy-efficient?
A house built with 3E System is energy-efficient due to excellent thermal insulation properties of perlite (R Value = 25). The owner saves on heating energy.


Do you offer a complex building service?
Yes, we offer a complex building service including both earthworks and houses in shell or turnkey condition.