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Are you a developer, architect or contractor? Become a partner of SYSTEM 3E, a revolutionary construction technology that will save you time and money, and make your investment stand out from the rest!

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SYSTEM 3E is a Polish technology patented worldwide. It is based on 3E elements made of natural perlite - mineral with special properties. Elements of 3E also have a characteristic shape, thanks to which it is possible to construct building walls as if it was done out of blocks, without binder and insulation, in an extremely easy and record fast way. And you can do it in any weather conditions.

Energy saving

Properties of the 3E element

Thermal insulation U = 0,226 W/m2 K

Sound insulation Rw = 48 dB

Fire resistance REI 180 + M

Compressive strength ≥ 1,5 N / mm2

Trace water absorption after po 10’ ≤ 50 g/m2*s0,5

Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,084 ± 0,003

Expansion due to moisture ≤ 0,35 m / mm

Water vapor permeability µ ≤ 15

Weight = 35kg

A simple, easy and pleasant investment with SYSTEM 3E

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Guarantee of quick receipt of your investment

Make your project stand out – make it ecological, energy efficient and economical. SYSTEM 3E is a great answer to the growing expectations of increasingly aware customers, as well as the most important market challenges: deficits in the number of an extremely qualified workforce and interruptions in the supply of building materials.

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Implementation of projects at the highest level

Design a home for your client using modern technology that offers unlimited creative possibilities. SYSTEM 3E consists of 6 perfectly profiled structural elements enabling the implementation of even the most daring architectural projects.

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Simple and efficient construction thanks to SYSTEM 3E

Do you have a problem with access to a qualified workforce? SYSTEM 3E is the perfect solution for your business. To build walls using our technology, a specialized two-hour training is enough. The walls are built in a record time, thanks to which your teams can move quickly between projects under construction.

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Show house in Radomsko

We built a small house using the SYSTEM 3E technology at the factory in Radomsko. Everything went very smoothly: we made the walls and roof truss in one day!


A spacious house by the sea

I’ve decided to build a house in SYSTEM 3E technology. Thanks to its above-average features, my home will be warm and safe – without mold, fungus and algae.


Holiday houses at the seaside

We are building 4 BOHO holiday houses in our resort. Thanks to SYSTEM 3E technology, the houses will be available throughout the year, not just during the holiday season.


Łukasz’s house

"In SYSTEM 3E technology, I was surprised by the ease of construction, the ability to build in all weather conditions. It is difficult for me to compare 3E technology with anything else because I have not encountered anything similar so far. "


Agnieszka and Henryk’s house

"We are nature lovers, which is why we were looking for a construction solution with a neutral impact on the environment. This is what SYSTEM 3E is about. "


Investment in Izabelin

"SYSTEM 3E technology is perfect for large and complex projects, such as the house in Izabelin built by our company."


Kasia and Sebastian’s house

"The first winter was a real test and it turned out to be warm at home. Definitely warm. There were a few terribly cold days and we didn't notice anything."


Warm and cozy house in Zgierz

Building in SYSTEM 3E is intuitive, simple and quick. The elements combine perfectly with each other.

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