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Your customers want to live a beautiful and comfortable life in a unique and modern place. SYSTEM 3E allows for carrying out of all architectural designs, even the most daring ones. Join us and create without limits!

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Commission system

For architects who cooperate with us we prepared a special commission system. A house of your design built in SYSTEM 3E brings benefits not only to your customers but also to you. And we’re talking financial benefits here!

Creative projects

SYSTEM 3E consists of 6 basic 3E elements which unleash your creativity! 3E elements refer to the Morse taper. This is why they wedge perfectly in a wall. Each element is drawn in an architectural design. Our technology will allow you to  design modern solids – unique buildings which will take your customers’ breath away.

Comprehensive offer

Create a comprehensive offer for your customers. With us you will design and – helped by DOM 3E – build a house. You will be offered access to our know-how, take part in prestigious conferences and symposiums. Your services will be certified.

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