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Your clients’ awareness is increasing. They want to live in an ecological, energy-saving and economical way. SYSTEM 3E perfectly meets these expectations. Join us and make your investment stand out!

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The 3E elements have ph = 12.5. This means that they are an ideal solution for people struggling with allergies. In addition, the production process of elements is low energy-consuming, which means that it has a neutral impact on the environment. Make your investment stand out with an ecological approach!

Quick and profitable construction

SYSTEM 3E is characterized by quick and simple construction. The unique, precise shape of 3E elements reduces the time of building walls by 4 times – 1 m2 can be erected in 4.5 minutes! These are measurable financial benefits. In addition, our wall is only 35 cm – the thinnest wall on the market that meets applicable standards (attractive PUM).

Material availability

3E elements are manufactured in the SYSTEM 3E factory in Radomsko (Łódź Voivodeship). We enjoy this independence. As a result, you can be sure that the wall elements for your investment will arrive on time and their price will not change!

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