Welcome to the world
of a different kind of house

Meet the groundbreaking achievement of the Polish engineering, SYSTEM 3E, which has delighted the world. This is our home construction technology that uses energy-saving and ecological raw material called perlite.


Click-click bonding

SYSTEM 3E consists of 22 unified 3E elements from perlite, including 6 basic ones. Excellent workmanship, precise shape and unique properties of 3E elements make the construction easier and faster than traditional methods. 3E elements refer with their form to the Morse cone - they are connected with each other using the click-click method, without the need for mortar, glue, water and insulation.

Basic Starting Element S0

Basic Starting Element S0 300

Basic Element S1

Half Element S1/2

Left Corner Element SNL

Right Corner Element SNP

Basic Finishing / Window Element SZ

Half Starting Element S0/2

Half Starting Element S0/2 300

Left Finishing Element SZL

Half Finishing Element SZ/2

Lintel Finishing Element EWN

Right Lintel Finishing Element EWNP

Left Lintel Finishing Element EWNL

Fill-in Element 150 mm UE 150

Fill-in Element 200 mm UE 200

Basic Lintel Element EPN

Half Window Element EO 2

Lintel Element EN

Right Lintel Element ENP

Left Lintel Element ENL

No mortar and no insulation

A single-layer wall made of 3E elements shows above-average thermal insulation properties. It therefore does not require any insulation. Inside, the plaster alone is sufficient, outside: glue - mesh - glue - plaster.

Compatible system

Walls erected in SYSTEM 3E work perfectly with every solution: slab and foundation bench, door and window lintels, prefabricated roof trusses and traditional rafter framing.

Robust, modern and tested technology

Thermal insulation
U = 0,198 W/m2 K

Sound insulation
Rw = 48 dB

Fire resistance
REI 180 + M

Thermal conductivity coefficient
0,072 ± 0,003 W/mK

Compressive strength
≥ 1,5 N / mm2

Expansion due to moisture
≤ 0,35 mm/m

Trace water absorption after
po 10’ ≤ 50 g/m2*s0,5

Water vapor permeability
µ ≤ 15

is it worth it?

You save
time and money with the 3E SYSTEM

Construction time
24 months
3-6 months
Roofing structure
14 days
1 day
The cost of warming
10 days
1 day
Waste generation
15 000 PLN
Waste generation
5 m3


Ecological, economical
and energy saving

A house created without chemicals and plastics

We freed the walls from chemicals, plastics, mortar and water. We have created a nature-based building material which leaves the household members healthy.

Excellent thermal and sound insulation

Walls made of 3E elements show excellent insulation properties. They protect against bothersome temperatures and noise 365 days a year in every climate zone.

Just a short, specialized training

You don’t need a skilled workforce to build in SYSTEM 3E – all you need is training organized by our specialists. After completing it you will receive a certificate and you can build!

Complete freedom to create your dream design

No bricklaying, only full flexibility in building and designing, all thanks to technology that allows you to build houses from 3E elements as if they were blocks.

Home environment resistant to mold, fungi and algae

The unique moisture resistance of 3E elements comes from nature. Thanks to it, we have created a material that breathes and is friendly even for allergy sufferers.

Construction time reduced to 3 months

One day is enough to put up the walls and make the roof structure. There is no need to add extra time for insulation as it is unnecessary with this technology.

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