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Building your dream home made easy. Transform your vision into reality with SYSTEM 3E

Modular One - an easily assembled 57 sq. mt. home that fits in a single truck.


Are you struggling to find an affordable, high-quality and energy-efficient compact home?

Are you fed up with low quality and expensive prices?

Do you dream to live in your house but can't afford to build one?

It is energy-efficient, moisture-free and breathing as one layer wall makes the living healthier and more comfortable

Modular one takes care of all your worries and ensures a healthy life in a dry, moisture-free home

  • Create a home that promotes well-being and environmental sustainability.

  • Enjoy substantial savings on your energy bills.

  • Build your home with ease, piece by piece, like a giant LEGO set.

  • Our architects and builders are here to guide you every step of the way.

Developing for diverse
communities and

We deliver healthy homes to the market 3x faster. Modular elements can be arranged in almost any layout, while eliminating dimensional errors

Faster construction





less waste saved when utilizing SYSTEM 3E technology on the construction site.



that's the time we save during the construction of a 150m2 house


584 of the SYSTEM 3E elements to assemble within 8 hours by dry assembly


Dry work only, no concrete rebars,
no additional insulation, no wet work, no mortar, no skilled labor needed, no waste container needed, no heavy equipment while construction


Can be assembled by a local contractor or you can simply DIY (do it yourself) with our 20-min video tutorial (after laying the foundation)


All other house components fitted to the 3E module (prefabricated ceiling, wooden beams, window and door frames)

How it works?

Discover the stories of our Satisfied Customers who have embraced SYSTEM 3E technology. 

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