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Building technologies of the future, an opportunity for the American house market.

Digitization of processes and services, autonomous cars, smartphones with enormous computing power or smart medication. Everything that a dozen or so years ago seemed to be science fiction is now at your fingertips. In the last 20 years, almost every market segment has made a huge technological leap in addition. The construction segment has not. This European company presents an innovation that will change the construction market forever.

The Hoover Dam, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway or Burj Kalifa were created due to the invention of concrete. This construction material was the last great innovation of the 1920s, when the Swede Axel Ericsson developed the technology for obtaining cellular concrete. Thanks to him, civil engineering projects developed on an unprecedented scale and overshadowed everything else that humanity had previously built. At the same time, the technology for building single-family houses did not make such a spectacular leap. Wooden structures or brick walls were widely known since almost prehistoric times. Since then, investors who wanted to build their home did not have much choice if they were looking for modern, innovative construction technologies .


Polish invention as an opportunity for the American real estate market

The prices of the most popular raw material for building houses in the United States – wood, have risen sharply in recent years. The US National House Builders Association estimates that the cost of the timber needed to build a new home in February 2022 was almost three times its average pre-pandemic price. The causes of the phenomenon can be found not only in the still disturbed supply chains and high duty on imported Canadian timber, but also in the unusually strong fires that hit British Columbia and the west of the United States. In 2021 alone, fires consumed more than 7,000,000 acres of forest and nearly 6,000 buildings, 60% of which were residential buildings.

SYSTEM 3E is a European technology for construction of buildings, enabling quick construction of durable and ecological houses. The material of SYSTEM 3E elements is perlite, a natural volcanic rock, commonly found in the USA and around the world. The United States owns nearly 15% of the world’s perlite deposits. It is mined in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon. The unique properties of perlite building elements include their high resistance to fire. Tests show that walls made in the SYSTEM 3E technology achieved one of the highest fire protection parameters – REI 240 + M.

Americans are used to hyperbole and the constant competition of offers. We have substantial advantages that even they will notice and appreciate. Compared to lumber houses, our technology provides much higher safety from extreme weather conditions and superb fire resistance. It is an excellent choice for areas in danger of these phenomenaemphasizes Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO SYSTEM 3E. 

When the prices of insulation materials around the world rise, savings must be found at every stage of building a house. At the same time, no one wants to give up high-quality materials, especially when it comes to the thermal insulation of the building. Walls made of perlite 3E Elements have excellent thermal insulation properties, they do not require additional insulation with artificial materials such as polystyrene or mineral wool. This means that the house built in SYSTEM 3E technology will be perfectly protected against both low and high temperatures. Thanks to this, in a house built in North Dakota or Wyoming, we will save on heating, and in California, we will reduce the cost of air conditioning.

A unique trait of SYSTEM 3E is the mortar free connection of elements, the walls of the house are built like Lego blocks, using a “click-click” method. The unique shape of the element guarantees a simple and quick construction method, which allows you to save time needed to build a house. And by eliminating mortar from the construction process, you also save money.

An advantage is also the construction time. With our technology, the walls of the house with an area of 1500 square feet can build in one day. With traditional construction methods, it can take up to several weeks. The shortened construction time is guaranteed by the innovative properties of perlite and the revolutionary shape of the elements. You need neither mortar or adhesives to connect the walls, and no petroleum-based polystyrene for insulation.adds Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO SYSTEM 3E.

For many customers, it is important that the elements are made of natural materials, and the perlite itself also has health saving properties. The elements have alkaline pH = 12.8, thanks to which they provide protection against mould and fungi that may develop in other walls. People struggling with allergies and asthma will appreciate this. SYSTEM 3E technology is currently the thinnest and strongest single-layer wall on the market of the European Union. This is confirmed by appropriate tests and certificates.

This innovative European construction company will build a factory in the USA and shake up the market of traditional materials.

The company’s technological solutions are protected by patent law on key global markets, including the U.S. The international debut has already happened, houses built in SYSTEM 3E technology are built in Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Great Britain. There are already over 110 houses made of SYSTEM 3E perlite elements in the world and more are under construction. The company regularly presents its innovative product at the largest industry events. Events in Las Vegas, London and Brussels are just a few of the market fairs where SYSTEM 3E showcased their new solution for the construction market.

During the construction fair in Las Vegas, our product aroused great interest, just like Tesla at the first car show. The participants liked the advantages of the System 3E technology very much. They asked many questions about the construction works and appreciated the speed of construction and savings generated by the use of perlite elements. The high availability of the material was very impressive, the United States has almost 15% of the world’s reserves of perlite. The very high availability of material and the huge demand for new homes in the United States create ideal conditions for business development. We are the most innovative company in the construction sector in the world. In the USA, we are looking for investors to scale our business and, together with them, introduce the construction industry to the 21st century. says Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO SYSTEM 3E.

In order to meet the challenges of the huge potential of the American market, the company decided to sell shares to interested investors. The funds obtained from the subscription for shares will be allocated to the construction of a 3E element factory in the United States as early as 2023. Ultimately, the factory will produce approx. 2 million. elements per year, which in turn will allow the construction of up to 1,000 houses per year. You can join the group of the company’s investors via the WeFunder website ( The first investors have already become interested in SYSTEM 3E technology, investing tens of thousands of dollars. Recognizing its market potential, investors see an opportunity for a stable profit in the coming years.

Demand for homes in the U.S. is huge, and in 2021 alone, house prices rose by 17%. These results are not only our motivation, but also a real business opportunity to become active on the American market. We believe that thanks to the presence of SYSTEM 3E overseas, we will join the process of increasing the supply of houses made in harmony with nature. We know that American investors will be interested in our offer. The fact that we are serious about activity on the local market is clearly demonstrated by our plan to build a factory, which, in addition to creating new jobs, will significantly increase our production capacity. Local production and a shortened supply chain will allow us to efficiently execute customer orders.adds Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO of SYSTEM 3E.

SYSTEM 3E has developed an innovative method of building houses from perlite elements. The 3 e’s represent- energy savings, economics and ecology in the construction process. The company uses its own pioneering technology for the production of building elements made of expanded perlite and mineral binders. Perlite is a natural material that can be found all over the world. The construction technology is based on the proprietary SYSTEM 3E, which allows for construction that does not require mortar. This is possible because the shape of each crest of the 3E Element alludes to the specific angle of the Morse cone. As a result, a system of self-anchoring surfaces in the wall was obtained. The modern production process of 3E Elements ensure high precision for perfect fit of the elements.


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