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Are you an architect? A developer? A contractor? Work with SYSTEM 3E – meet a groundbreaking achievement of Polish engineering, the first revolution in the construction industry in over 100 years. Save your time, save your money. Save the planet, make your investment stand out.

Discover SYSTEM 3E

with the best

Are you an architect? A developer? A contractor? Work with SYSTEM 3E – meet a groundbreaking achievement of Polish engineering, the first revolution in the construction industry in over 100 years. Save your time, save your money. Save the planet – make your investment stand out.

Discover SYSTEM 3E


SYSTEM 3E is a worldwide patented Polish technology. It is based on the 3E Elements – building materials of characteristic shape. The Elements are made of perlite, a natural origin volcanic glass of excellent properties for construction purposes. There is no need for any glue, binder, or extra insulation. The building process is fast, easy, and does not require a skilled workforce. And you can do it in any weather conditions!

More about technology

Energy saving

Properties of the 3E Elements

Thermal insulation U = 0,198 W/m2 K

Sound insulation Rw = 45 dB

Fire resistance REI 240 + M

Compressive strength ≥ 1,5 N / mm2

Trace water absorption after 10’ ≤ 40 g/m2* s0,5

Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,072 ± 0,003 W/mK

Expansion due to moisture ≤ 0,35 mm/m

Water vapor permeability µ ≤ 15

Weight = 32 kg

A simple and pleasant investment.

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    Guarantee of quick receipt of your investment.

    Make your investment stand out. Make it ecological, energy-efficient, and economical. SYSTEM 3E is an excellent answer to the growth of expectations of increasingly aware customers. We are the solution to the most relevant market problems and challenges, such as the deficit of skilled workforce or interruptions in the supply of construction material. We guarantee the price and availability of 3E Elements at any time.


    Project implementation at the highest level.

    A home, a sauna, a skyscraper –  with our material you can design anything. SYSTEM 3E consists of 22 perfectly profiled structural Elements that enable the implementation of the most challenging architectural projects. All you need to start designing with our technology is a short training workshop.


    Simple and efficient construction.

    SYSTEM 3E is a perfect solution for your business. All you need to start building with us is a two-hour long training. No need for a skilled, qualified workforce! Our walls are risen extremely fast – 1 day for a 100 square meters house. That allows your teams to move quickly between projects under construction.

    Meet our satisfied customers!


    "The precision of 3E elements enforces the quality and accuracy which are nowadays so demanded on the construction site."



    "The interior of the simple shape of the house was completed with a mezzanine, where the entire gable wall will be made of very large glazing. The building will have 137 m2 of surface - 6 rooms on the first floor and 5 in the attic."



    "This is one of the first projects I did for 3E. The effects surpassed my boldest expectations. BOHO house construction - from the start till the delivery of the building - went very smoothly."



    "From the beginning we wanted to build a house with new technology. At first, we thought about a wood-frame construction, but the first cost estimates quickly discouraged us from this idea. That's when we came across SYSTEM 3E - polish technology, patented worldwide."



    "In Świebodzice another house is being constructed using SYSTEM 3E technology. Investors have chosen the project and adaptation to our technology was done by architects from DOM 3E."



    "A house with an area of 200 m2 (123 m2 on the first floor and almost 86 m2 in the attic) is being built in Wilkszyn. It is an individual project, developed by DOM 3E."


    Zaborów Stary

    Customer came to us with an individual project, designed by an external architectural studio already in the SYSTEM 3E technology! This is a great example that 3E technology works perfectly in large buildings.



    Construction of single family house with area of 175 m2 in Dzbenin. It will be not only ecological house, but also energy independent - self-sufficient!



    "Building a house by yourself is very satisfying. After a short training by 3E I was able to build my own home with my father!"





    "It is going to be a passive house, in order to achieve even better parameters of external walls an additional layer of perlite elements dedicated to partition walls was applied. Thanks to this, the building will be exceptionally energy efficient."



    "This is a house with a simple, yet modern body, with a mezzanine - which increases the usable area of the building. To complete this type of construction you need about 434 pieces of pelite elements from SYSTEM 3E."



    "Thanks to 3E technology our clients can enjoy the finished project much faster. Ecological dry construction is a fantastic solution!"


    Chechło Pierwsze

    "After completing the first layer with 3E elements, the team erected the walls up to the concrete tie beam in just 24 hours!"


    Stara Morawa

    "SYSTEM 3E is an intuitive, simple and fast technology - elements connect perfectly with each other without mortar, glue and harmful chemicals."



    "We completed the entire construction in a period of one year, maybe even a little faster. It really went very quickly!"


    Warszawa Wesoła

    "I decided to choose the SYSTEM 3E technology because of the speed of construction and lack of need for insulation - the material itself is very warm!"



    "SYSTEM 3E technology makes the construction simple and intuitive so you can build faster."


    Leśna Awangarda Estate

    "We are nature lovers, which is why we were looking for a construction solution with a neutral impact on the environment. This is what SYSTEM 3E is about. "



    We are building 4 BOHO holiday houses in our resort. Thanks to SYSTEM 3E technology, the houses will be available throughout the year, not just during the holiday season.


    Investment in Izabelin

    "SYSTEM 3E technology is perfect for large and complex projects, such as the house in Izabelin built by our company."


    Warszawa Jabłonna

    "In SYSTEM 3E technology, I was surprised by the ease of construction, the ability to build in all weather conditions. It is difficult for me to compare 3E technology with anything else because I have not encountered anything similar so far. "


    Budy Zosine

    "The first winter was a real test and it turned out to be warm at home. Definitely warm. There were a few terribly cold days and we didn't notice anything."


    Show house in Radomsko

    We built a small house using the SYSTEM 3E technology at the factory in Radomsko. Everything went very smoothly: we made the walls and roof truss in one day!



    I’ve decided to build a house in SYSTEM 3E technology. Thanks to its above-average features, my home will be warm and safe – without mold, fungus and algae.



    Building in SYSTEM 3E is intuitive, simple and quick. The elements combine perfectly with each other.


    About us in the media

    The SYSTEM 3E technology developed by us is often described by various types of media. You can read about the dynamic expansion of SYSTEM 3E in Forbes. About the opening of our factory in Pulsie Biznesu. And about the involvement of our investor and ambassador Grzegorz Krychowiak at w Pulsie Biznesu,, Inn:Poland and Enjoy reading!

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