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Build quality, sustainable homes quicker

We create custom home designs tailored to your dreams

We understand that creating a design is an integral part of the home construction process. That's why we offer a comprehensive approach that includes both design and construction. We will design and build a home that meets the highest standards while accommodating your budget, paying attention to every detail, and ensuring cost optimization during both the construction and building operation phases."

Innovative, yet tested and trusted solution

Healthy microclimate. no mold, fungi and moisture.

We save your time and money - fast construction process

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Kampinos Development

The Leśna Awangarda estate is a unique architectural project built using SYSTEM 3E technology in the buffer zone of the Kampinos National Park. Thanks to the use of natural, healthy and anti-allergic building materials, Leśna Awangarda will be one of the most ecological places to live in the Warsaw area.

SYSTEM 3E application

Over 100 projects in Poland, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and Great Britain have been implemented in 3E technology.

The farthest project realized by the Company from its manufacturing facility in central Poland was in Andalusia (Spain), over 3 000 km away. The project was realized with maintaining profit bility at satisfactory level.

mapa świata z krajami dostępności SYSTEM 3E