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  • Zuzanna Rachmielowska

10 benefits of building the house with the SYSTEM 3E technology

Problems and mistakes on construction site happen all the time. It is therefore no surprise that building with SYSTEM 3E technology is becoming increasingly popular. This innovative solution to building construction offers a wide range of benefits that are worth exploring. It combines an ecological approach to construction with durability and safety.

How is it that the wall construction system, with its specially profiled elements, is a more cost-effective method than traditional construction?

SYSTEM 3E elements

Why are traditional construction methods less cost-effective?

The methods we know in the building industry have been used for over 100 years. Try SYSTEM 3E if you are looking for something innovative, good for the environment, and safety. It's also a perfect way if you want to generate less costs during building a house.

Building in the traditional way, especially the wall construction stage, requires the use of many materials. Bricks or concrete blocks, mortar to join these elements, insulation and much more are needed. All this consume a lot of time and generates costs.

Putting up walls, bricklaying or insulating buildings is not that simple as it might seem. This is why there is a shortage of qualified professionals in the construction industry, including bricklayers. Lack of knowledge and qualifications means mistakes. The result is protracted construction, crooked walls, costly mistakes or poorly laid insulation. This generates costs and makes building a house a lengthy process. 

The situation is different with SYSTEM 3E. Building houses with this material is simple and the risk of mistakes is much, much lower. So there are no delays, mortar problems or extra costs for building materials. You don't need skilled masons with specialist knowledge or skills. When building with SYSTEM 3E, everything becomes simpler.

10 reasons why you should rely on state-of-the-art technology from SYSTEM 3E

It is easy to talk about the benefits of SYSTEM 3E, but it is far better to talk about the specifics. The growing confidence is gratifying, but the possibilities offered by this solution are really the pinnacle of the changes that can take place in the construction industry thanks to 3E.

building a house

1. Easy installation = no more crooked walls

Building with SYSTEM 3E is almost flawless, thanks to the "click-click" method. The horizontal connection is inspired by the characteristic Morse taper angle. As a result, the 3E components interlock seamlessly. In addition, they are made with precision and fit together perfectly. This results in a unique construction that requires no mortar. All elements have also vertical tongue and groove systems, which reduces the risk of gaps in the construction.

The perfect fit ensures that buildings made from 3E elements are free of thermal bridges at both vertical and horizontal joints. As a result, there are no gaps or mismatches, which means no structural errors. This increases the stability of the building and eliminates repair or maintenance costs. It's a simple way to get rid of crooked walls or poorly placed insulation. This modular system eliminates the risk of errors on site by ensuring that structural components fit precisely.

2. Dry construction means no mortar

Dry construction, without the use of traditional mortar, has many advantages. Not only does it reduce the risk of mistakes, but it also provides greater safety.

Mortar is one of the weakest points in wall construction. If it is badly mixed or poorly laid, the whole structure can suffer. However, thanks to SYSTEM 3E technology, the shape of the structural elements eliminates this weak point, making the walls virtually indestructible.

In addition, the use of dry construction without mortar improves the safety of the building. It poses no risk whatsoever, as confirmed by the REI240+M tests on the fire resistance and mechanical strength of buildings.

3. Insulation and sturdy construction in one

SYSTEM 3E integrates insulation and structure into a single solution, which not only simplifies the construction process, but also saves time and money. Because these elements are integrated into the structure, there is no need for additional assembly steps. Choosing SYSTEM 3E means no additional insulation in the form of wool or polystyrene. So no extra layers are needed to ensure a warm, energy-efficient home. SYSTEM 3E guarantees a warm wall without insulation - the U-value is 0.198 m2/K.

Thanks to their robust construction and high quality, buildings constructed using SYSTEM 3E technology are more resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds or high humidity. This means greater safety for the occupants and less risk of structural damage.

4. Top level thermal efficiency

Thermal or acoustic insulation is one thing, but thermal efficiency is also important. This is what SYSTEM 3E guarantees at the highest level. Perlite is a material that is not only completely natural, but also ensures thermal efficiency. What does this mean? Houses that are built using our system have a lower need for heating in the winter. They retain heat better, which translates into significantly lower bills! In summer, a SYSTEM 3E building heats up more slowly, so there is less need for cooling. Customers are increasingly concerned about the thermal comfort of their home, regardless of the season.

5. Express construction of any kind

With SYSTEM 3E it is possible to erect any type of wall in no time. With the "click" method, you can build the following structures in the blink of an eye:

  • single-family homes,

  • housing estates,

  • warehouses,

  • outbuildings,

  • agricultural buildings,

  • filling of high structures.

The 3E technology is a complete wall construction system. To build 80% of external walls, 6 basic elements are used. The remaining elements are used depending on the complexity of the structure of the building - so there are no cuttings on the construction site.

6. Maximum safety in all respects

The quality and safety of buildings are paramount. For this reason, buildings constructed using SYSTEM 3E technology are inspected with a thermal imaging camera before they are handed over to the investor or contractor. An in-depth analysis enables the structures to be checked for:

  • the absence of thermal bridges at the various joints, both vertical and horizontal;

  • leaks that could result in heat loss.

SYSTEM 3E was developed by engineers. Not only does it hold an international patent, but it also has a number of certifications. The effectiveness of the technology is confirmed, among other things, by:

  • the approval for use in construction,

  • the CE mark, which allows the introduction of 3E SYSTEM components in the European Union,

  • the hygiene certificate,

  • the fire resistance certificate,

  • mechanical durability test.

7. Healthy home and healthier residents

Houses built with SYSTEM 3E are also safe for the occupants, thanks to the properties of perlite. Perlite is perfectly aerated and has a neutral pH, making it chemically and biologically inert. What does this mean? The risk of mould, algae or fungus growing in the building is reduced to virtually zero. Houses built with SYSTEM 3E are as safe as possible for people with allergies or asthma. In addition, we do not use any petroleum-based insulation materials, chemicals or artificial materials in our technology.

building process

8. Massive time savings on every construction

SYSTEM 3E makes it easy to personalise designs, giving you more freedom to create unique and functional solutions. But that is not all. The system allows for maximum speed of construction. As there is no mortar, SYSTEM 3E elements are seamless thanks to the profiled structures. With this innovative solution, you can build... 1 m2 of wall in just four and a half minutes. Impressive, isn't it?

The lack of waiting time means that plastering or cladding can start almost immediately after the walls are laid with 3E. This reduces working time and means that workers are not dependent on unpredictable weather conditions, mortar setting times or other variables. There are no problems associated with typical construction difficulties such as lack of water or electricity, which is necessary when mixing mortar, for example.

9. Lower construction costs

Thanks to the high quality materials and robust construction, buildings constructed using SYSTEM 3E technology are durable and easy to maintain, resulting in lower maintenance costs in the long run.

Construction costs are also influenced by people. Large construction teams mean higher costs. Not having to lay extra insulation or mortar reduces labour time and also the number of people working on site. This is another source of significant savings.

By accurately fitting construction elements and eliminating unnecessary materials, SYSTEM 3E technology results in material savings that have a positive impact on both the environment and construction costs. Construction waste is reduced by up to 80% when using 3E!

10. Keeping up with green trends

Last but not least, SYSTEM 3E technology follows current green trends, making buildings constructed using this system more environmentally friendly, and this is where sustainability comes in. All this thanks to perlite, a natural material with exceptional properties.

Houses and other buildings built with SYSTEM 3E are made from healthy raw materials and do not require insulation or additional materials. Furthermore, their carbon and water footprints are already reduced at the production stage. We leave no room for chemicals, artificial materials or solutions that can cause mould and mildew to grow.

home estate build with SYSTEM 3E

All things considered...

SYSTEM 3E technology offers a number of benefits both during construction and in the long term operation of buildings. The innovative approach to building structures is making it an increasingly popular choice for designers, investors and contractors. There is a reason why the construction industry has been described as undergoing a transformation in the 21st century. As the big cities become overpopulated, we are looking for space in the suburbs. We don't have large tracts of land available, but increasingly we also don't feel like building huge mansions. Most conscious people already know that energy-efficient buildings with a positive impact on the environment are the wave of the future.

Would you like to learn more about this modern technology? Maybe you are considering using it to build your home? Fill the form and talk to our expert advisor who will tell you how to save money during construction and avoid problems.

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