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  • Zuzanna Rachmielowska

How to build quickly and without mistakes so clients recommend your construction services?

The construction industry is facing many problems, such as not having enough skilled workers, delays, and errors on building sites. This situation leads to an important question: how can we deal with these challenges? Owners of building companies and contractors are always searching for building materials that can help in quick and easy construction. 

If you're dealing with these construction issues, the SYSTEM 3E technology could be the solution. This technology shows how modern tech can make building methods easier and more efficient.

Later in this article, we'll explain how SYSTEM 3E makes building less complicated, faster, and better. Keep reading to learn more about the potential of 3E technology.

Lack of skilled workers and high costs of bricklayers

Finding skilled workers and the high cost of bricklayers are the major problems in construction. It's hard to find good, experienced workers. It means companies rely more on professional bricklayers, who are expensive, making a project cost a lot more. Sometimes, a contractor might hire a less skilled masonry to save money, which can cause mistakes and delays and could even lead to losing a contract.

SYSTEM 3E offers a solution to these issues. It's a technology that makes building walls simpler. It uses characteristic elements that are easy to connect, much like Lego bricks, so you don't need to use mortar or glue. When adapted to 3E technology, every project comes with clear instructions, so even people without bricklaying experience can build effectively. SYSTEM 3E helps reduce the need for highly skilled workers and cuts costs and the building time without losing quality. It is the perfect alternative to building a brick wall using mortar. 

building walls using SYSTEM 3E

Seeking alternatives to traditional masonry

Contractors and construction companies are constantly looking for alternatives to traditional solutions that do not require heavy equipment on the construction site and, at the same time, allow for simple changes in the project after starting the building process. Existing solutions, such as modular constructions, although they speed up work, often limit the ability to make modifications after the components leave the factory, e.g., changing the layout of rooms. Additionally, assembly requires heavy equipment, which is not always possible due to the location of the investment.

SYSTEM 3E is a solution that combines efficiency with flexibility. With 3E technology, you can build 1 square metre of wall in just 4.5 minutes. The basic 3E element measures 70x35x30 cm and weighs about 30 kg, allowing for easy transport and assembly by just two people. This feature ensures that work on the construction site proceeds smoothly without engaging many workers or heavy equipment.

basic 3E element

Building houses with SYSTEM 3E is like traditional construction, so making changes after the beginning of construction work looks the same as in masonry technologies.

3E solution is appreciated by contractors and their clients, for whom time is an invaluable asset – both in the context of quickly completing the project and potential financial savings.

The complexity of the construction process and the risk of errors

Building a house is a complicated and easy to mess up process. Each part of the construction work, such as laying bricks correctly or insulating walls with polystyrene foam, needs good know-how and perfect skills. Otherwise, mistakes will lead to expensive repairs and delays, which neither you nor your customers like.

SYSTEM 3E makes building mistakes-free. Each element was designed to fit perfectly with another one. What's more, a specific number of 3E elements is delivered to the construction site with a step-by-step guide, so there are no cutting bricks on site.

wall layouts

The most important is the setting of the first layer because 3E technology is based on precision. If you do it right, the finished wall will be perfectly straight, and there will always be right angles in the corners - 3E elements simply cannot be misplaced. 

The high thermal insulation performance of the perlite elements means that once they are in place, the wall is ready. Your team doesn't have to waste time on insulation work, making the construction process more efficient.

SYSTEM 3E allows you to build quickly and easily, enabling completing projects in less time with less risk of errors and in a cost-effective way. 

Moisture in walls - a challenge for traditional technologies

Moisture in walls is one of the biggest challenges in traditional construction, leading to additional costs associated with damage and the need for renovations. It is particularly problematic in climates with humidity, where the risk of water condensation and mold development is higher.

SYSTEM 3E effectively addresses this challenge. 3E elements were designed in such a way as to minimize water absorption, which protects the structure from moisture and prevents the formation of mold and fungi. It improves durability and quality and ensures a healthy microclimate in the building, which is especially important for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

Costs of new technologies compared to traditional methods

New construction technologies are often said to be more expensive than building walls using mortar. SYSTEM 3E offers savings on labor, shortening the building time. The mortar doesn't need to dry. You use less concrete so you limit technological breaks. You can build in any weather conditions: regardless of rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. Additionally, the lack of mortar, glue, and insulation reduces material costs. 

SYSTEM 3E technology generates savings for your client and allows you to complete projects faster, so you can build more in a year.

How satisfied customers affect your company's reputation?

Adding SYSTEM 3E to your construction offer can significantly affect customer satisfaction. Fast and simple construction, reduction of errors and delays, and energy-efficient and moisture-resistant buildings are features that translate into positive customer experiences. Satisfied customers are happy to recommend your services, which translates into a better reputation for your company and greater business opportunities.

home project

Start building in SYSTEM 3E technology and revolutionize your building process! Build smarter and more efficiently to impress your customers. Bring your business to the next level with 3E technology.

Contact us, and let's discuss your next construction project.


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