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  • Zuzanna Rachmielowska

What materials provide strong wind resistance for building houses?

Building experts spend hours researching and testing a house that can withstand strong winds. How do you build a hurricane-proof, cost-effective home and do it fast? Does such construction even seem possible? 

Let's see what SYSTEM 3E has to offer and what it has in common with LEGO and the Tale of the 3 Pigs.

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What is SYSTEM 3E based on and why does it protect your house like no other?

A revolutionary technology for building resilient walls is offered by System 3E to address the challenge of constructing houses resistant to high winds. It eliminates the need for mortar or adhesive by using characteristic elements that resemble Lego bricks. 


With straightforward instructions that are tailored to the 3E technology, individuals, irrespective of their bricklaying expertise, can effectively execute construction projects. This innovative system not only reduces the need for skilled labor but also cuts costs and construction time while keeping high-quality standards for houses that can withstand high winds. This technique presents a highly advantageous alternative to conventional brick wall construction techniques that use mortar.


Each brick is designed constructively to bind itself to the other bricks without the necessity of mortar. The locking mechanism is based on a combination of a key and a lock. The shape of the shear key will vary depending on the design, and a complementary lock will be provided on the opposite side of the brick. Load transfer is achieved by shear transfer and gravity.

What evidence do we have that SYSTEM 3E works? 

To provide our clients with confidence, we have undertaken extensive testing, involving hundreds of trials. You can take a look at one of these tests now. Through a demonstrative video, we showcase the demolition process of a wall constructed using our innovative system. What qualities allow walls constructed using a system resembling children's blocks to withstand such colossal forces? What's the best way to build houses that can withstand strong winds?

Our robust wall is a testament to toughness and endurance, outperforming all of its rivals. The exclusive +M parameter for REI240 is a testament to its unmatched durability and resistance to fire.

In the annals of the Czech institute, our wall stands as a testament to unparalleled resilience, remaining unscathed and impervious even after enduring three successive attempts to strike it with a 200 kg ball. How might the same wall maintain its structural integrity when faced with powerful gusts of wind or the impact of a falling tree, in your opinion?

Is constructing homes without mortar a safe practice? 

In the timeless tale of the Three Little Pigs, the resilience of the third pig's house, constructed from bricks, stands as a testament to the enduring strength of solid construction materials. This tale highlights the importance of adhering to solid building principles and enduring materials when confronted with external threats, such as the ferocious blows of the wolf. 


The concept of a self-interlocking brick system echoes the sturdy foundation of the third pig's brick house, drawing parallels to modern construction practices. The bricks in the story interlock to form a sturdy structure, and so do the modern self-locking bricks, which provide enhanced stability and resistance to external forces. When faced with hurricanes or other severe weather events, the strength of self-interlocking bricks becomes relevant. The bricks in the story are used to build a cohesive, unified structure that can withstand the strong winds and hurricane-related impacts, much like the sturdy brick home in the story.


Moreover, the tale highlights the importance of strategic planning and foresight in construction, themes that resonate in contemporary discussions about resilient infrastructure. Investing in sturdy building supplies and innovative construction methods, like self-locking bricks, can mitigate harm and ensure the long-term stability of structures even in tough times.

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How does it work in real life?

The explanation is quite straightforward. A normal brick needs mortar to support itself. If the mortar fails, then the entire wall or building will collapse. However, interlocking bricks possess a support system that is independent of the mortar. They effectively support each other.


Modularity is the cornerstone of our unparalleled capabilities, enabling us to achieve unprecedented efficiency and flexibility in our endeavors. We open up a world of possibilities marked by seamless integration, flawless execution, and optimized supply management down to the smallest component level by strategically utilizing modular elements.


By breaking down complex structures into modular components, we harness the power of adaptability and scalability, enabling us to swiftly respond to growing needs and dynamic challenges. We bring our modular vision to life with meticulous attention to detail and precision, assembling each component to form cohesive and resilient systems that exceed expectations.

Modularity is our superpower and helps us design, build, and manage systems, including structures that can withstand strong winds. We continue to redefine excellence and set new standards of innovation in our industry through the seamless integration of modular elements, impeccable execution, and simplified supply management.

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Optimizing Structural Stability

Our interlocking system has the remarkable ability to eliminate all degrees of freedom along the X, Y, and Z axes, effectively minimizing any potential movement or displacement. This sophisticated mechanism ensures that the impact force is evenly distributed across the surface, similar to the principles of aerodynamics that govern the distribution of force on an airplane wing. You could even say that your wall is now as strong as a jet wing.


We achieve a degree of structural stability and load-bearing capacity that surpasses conventional construction techniques. Our approach spreads the impact force evenly, enhancing the structure's structural stability and minimizing stress concentrations, bolstering its overall toughness and endurance. Our commitment to engineering excellence and this innovative approach set a new standard in constructing houses resistant to strong winds.

no black mould growing

Trust in the strength of self-interlocking bricks.


Our confidence is not based solely on conjecture, but on tangible evidence. Hundreds of tests have demonstrated the remarkable durability of our structures. Despite the rigor of the wind, our walls remain unshakeable, owing to the robustness and stability inherent in our innovative construction methodology.


As the sturdy brick house withstood the wolf's huffing and puffing, our structures are capable of withstanding the most formidable winds, safeguarding your home and loved ones. Investing in a home built with our self-interlocking brick system is an investment in resilience and peace of mind. You can trust that your home will weather the storm, standing tall against nature's forces, and providing a haven for years to come.

In-depth information on the self-interlocking SYSTEM 3E.

Upon reviewing the attributes of SYSTEM 3E, do you still question whether a single blast from a 200 kg bullet could topple our resilient walls? We highly encourage our clients to engage with us by either speaking to one of our consultants or visiting our factory firsthand. This direct interaction allows you to gain comprehensive insights into our products, processes, and commitment to quality.


Whether you have questions about wind houses resistant to strong winds, require clarification, or seek a deeper understanding of our offerings, our consultants provide you with the information and support you need. Similarly, visiting our factory offers you the opportunity to witness our manufacturing processes firsthand, fostering trust and confidence in the superiority of our products. Reach out or visit us – we're here to serve you every step of the way.

Contact us so we can help you improve the quality of your construction projects. Build with SYSTEM 3E and leave damp problems behind.


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