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How are plumbing and electrical installations managed in SYSTEM 3E-built houses?

Are you considering building a house using SYSTEM 3E? It's a great idea, but we know that many builders are worried about whether the new building technology allows for proper and durable electrical and plumbing installations.

We are bringing you up to date on this process to dispel any doubts. After all, there is a reason why SYSTEM 3E is referred to as the state-of-the-art technology for building walls and the simple, efficient construction of various types of buildings.

How are plumbing and electrical installations managed in SYSTEM 3E-built houses?

House construction in SYSTEM 3E and installations

SYSTEM 3E is an innovative technology that is gaining popularity. Since it is a new solution, different from the standard building materials, it is not surprising that questions arise about the applicability of traditional plumbing or electrical installations.

SYSTEM 3E was created to make the building process as friendly as possible. Perlite walls are not only strong but also energy efficient and ecological. With just one layer, you get a fully efficient building, thanks to the precisely manufactured 3E elements and their unique shape, which makes construction much faster.

When building it is necessary to carry out plumbing and electrical work. You can easily do any holes or technological grooves when using SYSTEM 3E.

Plumbing, electrical and 3E technology

In houses built with SYSTEM 3E technology, plumbing, and electrical installations are carried out in the same way as in houses built with traditional materials (e.g. cellular concrete). The key element is the proper preparation of the walls and floors to hide the installations.

It should be emphasized that the plumbing and electrical installations in SYSTEM 3E houses are carried out to high-quality standards. All materials and installation components should be carefully selected and installed by experienced professionals, as in traditional construction.

Thanks to this, your clients will be sure that their homes are equipped with functional and safe installations that will last for many years.

Plumbing in 3E walls

Durability of SYSTEM 3E walls

The 3E elements are made of perlite, which makes it even easier to make the necessary grooves for both sanitary installations and electrical wires. The material is very malleable, which makes it easy to work with. In addition, the grooves in SYSTEM 3E blocks do not affect the quality of the entire construction or its strength, which is very important.


Any furrows with a depth of more than 3 cm should be designed by a specialist so they do not negatively affect the structure. This relates to any construction technology.

Plumbing installation in a house with SYSTEM 3E

Every house needs plumbing, whether it is built with traditional materials or SYSTEM 3E. As soon as the outer walls of the building are erected (in the case of SYSTEM 3E, after just a few hours), the sanitary installations may begin. At this stage, furrows are made in the walls to hide the water and sewage pipes.

When it comes to sanitary installations, the pipes are often hidden under the floor. This solution is particularly popular for its practicality and aesthetics. As a result, the installations do not take up any additional space in the rooms, making the most of the space available. Water pipes can be made of different materials, such as copper, stainless steel, or plastic - depending on preferences and building projects.

Sewer pipes are laid according to the design, taking into account the appropriate gradients to ensure free drainage. The installation of sewer pipes also includes the installation of bends, elbows, drains, and other components necessary for the proper functioning of the sewer system.

Once the water and sewerage pipes have been installed, the installation of sanitary appliances such as toilets, washbasins, baths, showers, and sinks follows. Each appliance is installed according to the manufacturer's guidelines and the plumbing project. Once the sanitary appliances have been installed, they are connected to the plumbing system. Each appliance is connected to the appropriate water and waste pipes and then checked for any leaks or irregularities.

installations in SYSTEM 3E walls

Electrical installation in a house with SYSTEM 3E

Carrying out the electrical installation in a new home is a key part of the building process that requires precision, planning, and technical expertise. The first step is to carry out a thorough electrical installation design. The design must consider individual needs and comply with all applicable safety standards and regulations.

The electrical installation is often carried out at the same time as the plumbing. As with the plumbing, grooves are made in the walls to conceal the electrical wiring. It is important to position sockets, switches, and lighting correctly according to the building plan.

Once the design has been approved, the next step is to lay the wires. Contractors will mark out where the electrical cables will run and place the installation points for sockets, switches, and lighting. The furrows for electrics are usually 1-2 cm deep and wide - this kind of work is easily done in perlite walls.

The next step is to install the electrical boxes and panels. The boxes are used to house the sockets, switches, and the connection to the main electrical wiring. The switchgear is usually installed in a place accessible to the occupants of the house, where the fuses and the electricity meter are located.

The use of SYSTEM 3E for the construction of the house does not affect the installation of sockets, switches, or lighting. Once the electrical installation is complete, tests are carried out to check the correct operation and safety of the installation. The tests include checking the continuity of the wires, the resistance of the insulation, and the operation of the safety devices. Once the tests have been passed, the installation is done.

SYSTEM 3E wall diagram

New project on the horizon? Build it with SYSTEM 3E

Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right solution. If you would like to know more about installing electrical or sanitary installations directly in the home with SYSTEM 3E, please contact us. A conversation with our consultants is the perfect opportunity to get all the answers.

We also invite you to visit our factory, where you will get to know the entire system and processes - you will see first-hand that SYSTEM 3E technology does not hinder installation!


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